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Announcing The Renner Family Foundation

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

Today we are announcing our Family Foundation. We have been thinking for some time of how to best support the causes and organizations we revere in an attempt to make some type of small impact in the world. To do this, we felt it was best to create a non profit foundation which we are calling the Renner Family Foundation. Our goal for the foundation is to donate our family time as well as contributions raised from any music related revenues including but not limited to Streaming, Merchandise Sales, Ticket Sales, Licensing and Publishing. In addition, we will be dedicating our time to the organizations we partner with. We will provide more transparency and details as we continue to develop the organization.

To start, we have chosen an organization, The Wounded Warriors Project, which we feel represents our Country and our Family values well. They play a key part in taking care of our military members that deal with injury, PTSD and other ailments after serving faithfully for our Country.

We will be making an initial family donation and will be developing what we hope is a long term relationship, to help raise funds and help service members.

This is near to our hearts, because like many of you, we have active and past military members in our family. Our Family members have served in WW2, Korean War, Vietnam and Iraq. We also have active members in our family. We feel strongly in the services and mission of this great organization and are proud to announce our support.

If you are interested in getting familiar with all of the services provided by the Wounded Warrior Project, or if you are interested in supporting the Wounded Warrior Project, you can donate directly through our page.

We will be rolling out a Foundation Website in the near future with the ability to donate directly through the Renner Family Foundation in the future.

Thanks, The Renner Family & Matt.

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