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Renner Drops New Single "WWYD" Featuring Michael Warren, a Spotify Top Country Artist to Watch in 2024

Up and coming country and rock crossover singer/songwriter Renner has just released his latest single, "WWYD (What Would You Do)", featuring the Spotify Top Country Artist to watch for 2024 Michael Warren, the Birmingham Alabama native. This collaboration is already setting the independent music world abuzz, promising to be a staple on playlists and charts alike.

"WWYD" emerges as a powerful country / rock crossover, popularized in recent years by artists like Hardy and Lakeview, showcasing Renner's versatility and depth as a musician. The lyrics were penned by Renner and music co-written by Mike Berry, creating a sound that resonates with both country and rock enthusiasts.

The production of "WWYD" was handled by Breakout Producer Grady Saxman at Saxman Studios in Nashville, TN, (

Adding to the song's heavy and raucous production is the mixing prowess of Jonathan Roach, a mix engineer whose work has garnered acclaim across the globe. Roach's meticulous attention to detail and sonic balance brings out the energy, depth and clarity in "WWYD", ensuring that every note and lyric reaches the listener with impact. [Jonathan W Roach](

Michael Warren lends his signature sound and southern country swagger to the song with an homage to Nelly and the Jeffersons in the bridge and final chorus.

To the discerning country music fan, this song may not seem like the same old three chords in the truth, but in reality it is. Renner mentions "King & the boys" a shoutout to his Home Golf Club friends in Montgomery Texas at the Walden Golf Club, Renner feeds truth into this song and a glimpse into his daily life and how he handles things when the going gets tough and the chips are down. To some, the song might come across as a cliche ode to the everyday life of the average guy, but for Renner, that's ok.

The chorus says...

"If the money don't make and the luck don't break, the rain don't fall and the beer don't drink, tell me man, what would you do? I'd get to stacking them bills and making my luck, drop a tailgate on a pickup truck, and drink a beer or two, that's what I'd do".

What can you do? Check it out, buy it on iTunes or stream it on all major streaming services and give it a share and a download while you're at it, put it on a summer playlist and bump it all summer long while drinking a beer or two!

For fans eager to stream "WWYD", Renner has made the song accessible through his official links, available at](

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