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Announcing My New single, "Both Sides", Set to release on April 13

Hey everyone. I'm going to be releasing my new single "Both Sides" on April 16th.

This song was interesting, because I originally wrote it as another song called "Trying" which had an entirely different storyline. But then I had it recorded in Nashville with Chris Condon (Guitars), Jeffery Armstreet (Producer), Miles McPherson (Drummer) and Jacob Lowery (Bass). We were in the studio and I heard the song after it was probably 60% done in the raw form and it just sounded different, I didn't like the lyrics, they were kind of cheesy and I didn't relate very much to it.

So as we were sitting in the Studio, I decided to re-write it and I titled it One Side in the studio then quickly recorded a really rough version. Its a song that anyone can related to I think. I think we all are sort of different people at times, happy then sad, drunk then sober, outgoing then introverted, etc etc. and this is about wanting your significant other, the person that you care about, to be okay with these different sides of you, because you know you're better when they are part of your life than when they are not. At least, I can relate to the words, so I felt okay to sing it, it felt authentic to me.

Once I returned from Nashville, I made some adjustments and then recorded it at the Red Tree Studios in Magnolia with Lyndon Hughes, who is a Vocal Producer and the incredible Singer and Drummer for this kick ass band The Wilder Blue. If you haven't heard of them, check them out, I promise, they are awesome.

Lyndon was also gracious enough to lend me his vocals for the Harmonies, and he's a pretty good Whiskey drinker. After the vocals were laid down, Jeffery Armstreet, my producer who is also an amazing mixing engineer did, I think, a topnotch job getting a great sound, and we finished up the project with Mastering, which was done by Grammy Award Winning Dave McNair.

I think it turned out pretty darn good and I hope everyone will enjoy listening to it.

Here is a clip

Be on the lookout to stream or download on April 16th.



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