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Happy EP + 3 Bonus Tracks Out Now

The Happy EP is out and available now! If you want to support my music, please buy the EP. As an independent musician, I cover all of the cost of the music production, engineers, mixing, mastering, the musicians, studio time etc. In addition, I self produced 3 music videos that are a short film called "Love Sick" with Trevan Hiatt (Jelly Roll) and his team, and you can watch the video on Youtube or here on my website. This can all get pretty expensive, but I do it because I'm passionate about making a difference in the world through music and art.

So, if you want to and can afford it, the #1 way you can support me and really any independent artist is to buy the music or my merchandise or tickets to shows, or all of the above, and I'll be so grateful!

With streaming services such as Spotify, artists make next to nothing for putting their blood, sweat, tears and money into creating music that moves you and means something. So if you feel it in your heart and can part with a few bucks, I would really appreciate it!

Once you buy the EP - you will get a link to the Digital Download. It includes:

- 3 Song EP - Drunk Love, Miss You, Happy

- 3 Unreleased Self Produced Bonus Songs (you can't hear anywhere else)

- Digital Download of Original Album Art

- Lyric Sheets

- My undying love and gratitude

The bonus tracks are self produced in my home studio - so they are pretty much demos, so not the quality of the Studio produced music, however, I think you'll like the songs either way and I think it's ok to be a bit raw sometimes.

If you can't afford it or just want to listen to the music, I would appreciate you follow me on Spotify. Here is my page

Or if you want, you can also pick up a Shirt from my store. The F*ck the Man shirt is me giving a middle finger at cancel culture and the crappy politicians trying to divide our country destroy our culture. It's a super comfortable, quality shirt.

Thank you all for your support!

- Renner

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