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Happy EP & Love Sick Short Film & Live Show feat Jake Banfield & HYLYND hosted by DEMPS

I am excited to announce I am releasing the Happy EP on September 23rd as well as the corresponding Video Titled "Love Sick".

This project took shape over the course of late 2022 / early 2023 and I'm releasing it on September 23rd with a special EP and Video Release Party. It also happens to be my Birthday and promises to be a fun weekend. The show features live performances by Me, Jake Banfield and HYLYND and is going to be an amazing night! We will also be filming a music video to my new song "Damn Good Day" that night as well!

About the Music

The EP is a 3 song project featuring the Songs

  1. Drunk Love

  2. Miss You

  3. Happy

I released the first Song Drunk Love this past week and am so thankful for all of the support! You can watch the Video Here. Please like, Share and Subscribe to my Youtube Page if you like it!

And if you're on the go and want to add the song to a Playlist on Spotify, here is a link

I would greatly appreciate if you followed my Spotify Profile and shared the song! It is the biggest way you can support an independent artist such as myself.

I write all of this music and pay for everything myself, so I always appreciate when people follow, like and share it!

About The Videos

There is a video for each song and they all play a part together telling a story of a couple that meets, falls in love, has a child together, then they start to have many of the problems that face many couples and ultimately the film ends with a dramatic surprise culmination that you'll have to wait to see. It's an all to common narrative that happens in this world, and is especially painful when there are children involved.

The Film was Written and Directed by Trevan Hiatt, he is a talented up and coming Director and has done videos for Jelly Roll among others. You can check out his website here:

Here is the Cast and Credits

Release Party and Show Details

To celebrate the release of the Happy EP and Love Sick short Film, we are hosting a party and live show at Papas on Lake Conroe on September 23rd. It's a free show but Tips or Donations will be accepted by the Musicians. It is featuring 2 up and coming artists who I really love! HYLYND who is a Texas based Pop and Country artist and Jake Banfield, a Nashville based Recording Artist. Both are amazing. The Show is Hosted by Demps and Edge from Hooche Country!

Watch Jake's Video for Boys Don't Cry Here

Check Out HYLYND's Video for his single Hands

(If you didn't know, I'm one of the Owners of Hooche Country Radio - the #1 Country Station on Dash) it is BY FAR the best country station out there - check it out!

You can also Check out the Demp's Absolute Sh*tshow on as well as the Take a Break with Jake show on

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