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New Songs Released, Live Shows Added & Merch Updated

Hey ya'll, it's been a bit since I've done a post, so I thought I'd put some updates out there. So a lot has been going on with this music stuff and I'll just get to it.

  1. I'm speeding up the pace I'm putting out new music, and I'm going to be putting some stuff out that is more live and raw. I record a lot in my home studio and it's more just acoustic, I want to show that I'm more than just a rocker, I write all types of music and am going to be showing that side of my art. For starters, you can check out my song "Ain't coming home" out now

I wrote this song after I found out about a guy that I had met a couple of times had died in an unfortunate accident. I don't know all the details, I more so wrote the song about anyone that is in a situation where they pass away from drunk driving and leave behind their family. It is a terrible thing that happens to much, and I think most men would be lying if they said they hadn't had times in their lives when they had too much and were lucky to make it home. This was just me and a guitar, not much production value but it felt right to put it out there.

2. I released another new song I'm pretty stoked about. It's called "Get You Gone" and it's out on all streaming services and iTunes now. Check it out. Momma won't like this but, its about the first time I did cocaine, I was about 21 years old and like they say, Cocaine is a hell of a drug. 20 years later I wrote a song about it. I like it mainly cause it rocks and has a killer solo that was done by my friend and Guitarist Chris Condon check out his Instagram here.

This cover art is a funny story. This was from 2012. Me and some buddies went to a Viking vs Packer game in Green Bay Wisconsin. We had drank a whole bottle of Goldschlager by like 9 am, we were hammered. You can kind of see in this picture we all had belts full of Miller Lites times. There may have been an incident where someone tried to feed me Chinese food when I was drunk sleeping on a couch, and one of my buddies may have been crawling on his hands and knees barking at a times.

3. New videos! I'm super stoked about my new music videos and 3 songs coming out in June. I haven't announced the date yet, but I will shortly. I'm working on a release party in Conroe and Austin. Going to be awesome. I'll keep you updated, here is an exclusive clip I haven't shown anywhere else, just for you guys.

4. New Show Date added!

Mark your calendars because on June 17th I will be headlining at the Valley Creek Mall in Woodbury, outside my Restaurant and Entertainment center Birdi Golf for our Festival "Birdifest 2023" I will be playing a full 2 hour set with my band and some local artists some of you may know, George Hadfield and Jay Corchoran, again, not to sound redundant but I'm super stoked for this as well! More details to come!

Anyway, that's the update for now. Stay tuned and #LongLiveRock+Roll

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