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Recording new music in Texas / Nashville

Hey everyone, if you have followed me for some time, you would know that for the most part, I've always recorded my own stuff in a home studio, and to be honest, it's been so-so to not very good from a quality standpoint. But hey, it was fun to do. My first record which came out in 2020, was a result of Covid boredom, there are some fun songs and was a reflection of much of my life at the time. I was also experimenting writing country, which I hadn't done much of but loved doing. I debated taking it down off Spotify and Apple, but it was who I was at that time, so I'm leaving it. If nothing else, it will show the progress I've made in my musical journey.

So that leads me to now. Since I moved to Texas in 2021, I wanted to take the opportunity to truly pursue my 2 passions (outside of my family and my business) and that is Golf and Music. So I joined Walden Golf Club on Lake Conroe and I found a studio and a producer. Righteo.

In about mid November 2022, I started writing new stuff, getting back to more of my roots in Rock and Southern style rock and country, which is the music I grew up listening to for the most part.

I started working with Jeffrey Armstreet, a fantastic Producer out of Magnolia who runs the Red Tree Music Group and Studio

Jeffrey does a lot of mixing, mastering and producing and has credits with artists such as Hyland, Haden Coffman and many other up and coming and established Texas and Nashville acts.

He connected me with Chris Condon at LFT studios and the last week we did some recording on the back end of a business trip I had to take to Kentucky. It was a blast and we knocked out 7 songs in a few hours in addition to 3 we recorded earlier in January. I don't have much to share in the way of music right now, but I wanted to share that I am planning on releasing a single this spring and summer, I plan on making a music video, forming a band and playing some shows. I will also be releasing my first professional full length album as a recording artist later in 2023. I've got a bunch else on my plate with my company, family, a 4th kid on the way we're gonna make it work.

Here are some photos and videos. Interestingly, I also got to meet Satoshi Nakamoto. He is a film score mixing engineer and he recently did the movie Everything, Everywhere All at Once - which is up for some Oscar nominations this year. Pretty cool! He let us bower a mic that no kidding was made in Nazi Germany. So, not a great beginning - however, it's literally like an 80 year old microphone and the sound was incredible. Those Nazis...terrible humans, pretty good engineers.

I also got to play with some legendary dudes in the Nashville scene, Miles McPherson who toured with Kelly Clarkson and briefly played with Paramore laid down drums - this dude is an absolute beast, a monster, one of the best I've ever seen he's also just a cool ass dude. I was so lucky he played on the record, I'm excited for everyone to hear him. As well as Jacob Lowry - who is also a monster on bass and is super nice and chill.

And of course, Chris Condon, who laid down incredible sounds on the guitar and face melting solos that I can't wait for everyone to hear.

Anyway, I'm making an effort to give more insight into this music stuff and I'm super stoked to share the music when it's done. I'll keep the updates coming as long as it's raining and the course is shut down.

Peace Ya'll


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