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Renner: New Logo and Branding

I've been torn for a while whether or not I should create a band or a band brand anyway or if I should just use my name. I ran a couple of ideas by people I trust, and ultimately, I decided to continue to run my brand as my own name. I also wanted a logo that was personal to me and reflected my path, both my past and my future.

With that said, I am excited to debut my new branding and solidify I will be an Artist under the name of "Renner".

About the Logo.

The Bison Horns

The Bison is my favorite animal. One of my favorite things to live by is how to handle adversity. When a storm is coming, a Bison runs to the storm and through it, cows run away from a storm. I'd like to think that I'm more like a bison, I run to a storm and through it, not away from it.

The Horns are also in the shape of two back to inverse R's - one forward and one back. This represents the two R's in the Renner name.

The Star

In the Middle of the "R's" is the shape of a Star. The Star Reminds me to always remember my North Star, which is my deep down "why" or reason for doing what I do. My why has always been my family. They are my north star.

The Name

My full name is Matthew David Renner. But my whole life, everyone has always called me Renner. So, it makes sense.

Renner is an interesting name, other than the fact that it is an anagram (spelled forwards and backwards it's the same) it has German and Austrian roots. I am a 3rd generation musician. My Grandfather was a session drummer in Vegas during the 50s-70s for famous acts such as Frank Sinatra and the Rat Pack. My father is an incredible Blues Guitar player. The interesting thing about my name, other than the fact.

The other thing about the name is, there are really two sides. And like the name, I have multiple sides. I don't consider myself just a rock guy. I don't feel in today's music that a musician should have to be pigeon holed into a single genre. When I write music, I write whatever I feel. That could mean Rock, Country, Hip Hop, Pop, whatever I'm feeling. I love all kinds of music and I want to be as authentic as I can.

The Overall Look

Overall, I wanted the branding to be a somewhat rough and edgy, because that's me. I'm not the most polished person, I don't have the greatest voice or skills, I can be rough and edgy, but I am who I am and overall, this logo represents me, as authentically as I can be.

I hope it resonates with you when you see it and I hope my music brings you some kind of positive feelings when you listen.

Thanks for reading,


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