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Written by: Matt Renner
Vocals by: Matt Renner
Guitars by: Chris Condon
Drums by: Wes Little
Bass by: Steve Mackie
Produced by: Jeffery Armstreet
Mixed by: Jeffery Armstreet

Mastered by: Dave McNair
Recorded At: Redtree Studios Magnolia TX
& LFT Studios - Nashville, TN

About The Song

"Colorblind" is a poignant song about a person who is struggling with their identity and faith. The lyrics describe the feeling of being lost and disconnected from oneself and one's beliefs. The protagonist of the song acknowledges their faults and mistakes, and is trying to come to terms with them. The metaphor of being "colorblind" suggests a loss of vibrancy and richness in life, and a longing to regain that sense of vitality. The song may have a melancholic tone, but also hints at a sense of hope and resilience, as the protagonist faces their challenges with honesty and introspection. The overall message is one of self-awareness, growth, and acceptance, even in the face of adversity.


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Original AI Artwork


Did I lose my faith
Did my saving grace
Run out of it
Oh I forget
Did I always know
Your true colors showed
Oh nevermind
I'm colorblind

Verse 1

Staring down this empty hall
Where did the pictures go
Can't erase a memory she said
I'm glad I didn't know
Looking at this broken glass
Will my reflection show
Did I become someone
I wish you didn't know

Verse 2
Feeling like this empty room
With nothing to consume
Don't let the thought of me
Remind you it will always be too soon
And all around this house of things
Can't fly on broken wings
Don't you become the one
I wish I didn't lose

I'm waiting on the rain
I want to feel something
I'm calling on the sun
I want to be the one
You don't have to choose

By Matt Renner

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