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Both Sides

Written by: Matt Renner
Vocals by: Matt Renner
Guitars by: Chris Condon
Drums by: Milles McPherson
Bass by: Jacob Lowery
Produced by: Jeffery Armstreet
Vocal Producer: Lyndon Hughes
Mixed by: Jeffery Armstreet

Mastered by: Dave McNair
Recorded At: Redtree Studios Magnolia TX
& LFT Studios - Nashville, TN

About The Song

Renner's "Both Sides" is a heartfelt Texas country ballad that captures the complexity of human nature. With soulful vocals and tender lyrics, the song delves into the notion that everyone has different sides to themselves, and sometimes those sides change over time. Renner eloquently expresses the desire to be accepted and loved for all the different facets of their personality, even when they evolve. Through emotive storytelling and captivating melodies, "Both Sides" paints a relatable picture of vulnerability, self-acceptance, and the yearning for unconditional love, making it a resonant and soul-stirring addition to the country music landscape.


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Both Sides

I Need you on both sides
Of me right now
It keeps me going strong
Part of me loves too much
The other's good as gone
I don't know what the future holds
I'm still holding on
Cause I'm better with you by my side
Don't matter what side you're on
I need you on both sides

Verse 1

One side of me is making
The best of what we got
The other side is scared to death
Thinking what we're not
One side is drinking
Whiskey on ice
The other side just sobered up
So I can drive us home tonight


Verse 2
One side is talking
You say I don't listen enough
One side's a dreamer while
The other's giving up
One side is praying hell
The other side should too
Tonight I hope I'm laying there
With the best side of you


By Matt Renner

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