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Shed My Skin

Written by: Matt Renner
Vocals by: Matt Renner
Guitars by: Chris Condon
Drums by: Milles McPherson
Bass by: Jacob Lowery
Produced by: Jeffery Armstreet
Mixed by: Jeffery Armstreet

Mastered by: Dave McNair
Recorded At: Redtree Studios Magnolia TX
& LFT Studios - Nashville, TN

About The Song

"Shed My Skin" is a powerful rock anthem that explores the theme of personal transformation. The song takes the listener on a journey of self-discovery as the protagonist reflects on their past self and the need to let go of old habits, beliefs, and relationships in order to embrace a new, more authentic version of themselves. The lyrics are introspective and deeply personal, conveying the struggles and triumphs of the transformation process. The driving guitar riffs and pounding drums create a sense of urgency and determination, inspiring the listener to join in the journey of shedding their own skin and embracing their true selves.


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Original AI Artwork

Time To Shed My Skin

Time to shed my skin
Don't recognize myself
Who am I within
where do I begin
Breaking down these walls
So I can let you in
And learn to love again
Time to shed my skin

Verse 1

A child of circumstance
Never takes the blame

So who are you to answer to
Someone without a name or so they say
Careful the hand you hold
Not like you to be cold
Something alive inside of you
Is telling you to be the one you save

Verse 2
Some friends are not your friends
Question what you see
And careful who you're talking to
They might just not be
Who you thought they'd be
I've got a heavy soul
I wish I had control
To be the better side of me
The one you always wished that I could be

What's left, what's left of me my friend
What's left, what's left of me my friend
What's left, what's left of me my friend

By Matt Renner

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